21st century Business Communication.

Less email. More productivity. Our customers see an average 75% reduction in internal email, helping them enjoy a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive work life.

Manage Leads, Contacts, Provide Support & Services, and Solve major challeneges at your finger tips.

Complete your sales activities, view detailed contact and company records, and view communication details. Create new or existing customer contact with single click, easily log sales or support activities seamlessly and keep all the record updated realtime on the cloud.

Easy Account & Product management including easy click Invoicing & Billing accessible via cloud everywhere you go

With exalted CRM view or create account record, track, revenue and company details efficiently than ever before. Record, track, and create support cases realtime with Exalted CRM that is accessible via cloud anywhere in the world. Add or create new activity and assign the projects or cases. Esaily track Product, detail, category, shipment, stock level with realtime alert. Communicate with the vendors seemlessly. Modify product name, price, description, stock level and update it realtime through the cloud. Create, generate or export single click Invoice and also send email at your finger tips.


Project Tracking, Forecasting & Reporting and Document Mangement, all your tools in one place.

Create projects, tasks, assign priorities, and view progress realtime with the interactive chart. Manage teams, set deadlines, goals, and communicate internally. Upload, manage, and organize all of your project documents in one place, and access all the documents via cloud from anywhere in the world. Use our simple and intuative tools antime anywhere from the world, and use your resources efficiently and track where is your projects is heading to. Determine your project progress by using our variety or reporting & analytics tools. Plan your next prject move with the powerful Exalted CRM tools, that always thinks two steps ahead of you.

Lead Management

Record & Track, Status, View Details

Create or View Activity, Task & Event

Export or Import Documents, Create Classification

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Account Management

Record, Track & View Account Details

Create New or Edit Existing Case Activity

Add or Edit Account Activity, Add or Export Documents

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Support & Services

Create New or View Existing Cases Realtime

Assign Cases, Set Priority, Add activity

Track phone calls/emails & Support threads, Add Documents

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Contact Management

Record & Track Full Customer Details

Export and Import Customer Contacts

Add/Edit Customer Activity, Documents Realtime

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Product Mangement

Record, Track, Modify Product Details

View, Modify Products & Vendor, Tasks

Add/Export Documents Track Pricing, PDF/CSV files

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Invoicing & Billing

Create New or Edit Invoices

Create sales and track shipping

Track Cash or Credit sales, With custom note features

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Forecasting & Reports

Standard Reports With Realtime View

Dashboard With Realtime Graph & Charts

Export Reports as PDF or CSV. Backup friendly CRM Data

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Project Tracking

Plan, Collaborate and Manage

Project Reporting, and Analytics

Manage Team, Assign Tasks and Track Progress

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Document Maganement

Add New or Edit Existing Documents

Manage, Track, Export, Import Documents

Search, View, Share & Sync Documents Realtime

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