What we offer on Exalted cloud based ERP services

Exalted ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a simple software that handles all your company operating problems or manages your company/business. Imagine if you did not have to worry about your managing your employee, payroll, track your profits, mange equipments, organize/generate invoices, daily spending. ERP helps you with all that, it reminds you of your tasks, shows you the schedule for your employees and shows your inventory. Our ERP also helps you track your profits & production details. Most ERP systems are hard to use, expensive and very complex, but exalted ERP system is very easy to use, very simple and super affordable. Everything processes over our private cloud with the press of your finger tips, and also available to you whenever you need them. It only take few minutes to get access to the ERP system.

Customer Management

Learn details about your customer activity, like purchases, transactions, ratings, demands, customer invoices and many more with our simple ERP software.

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Product Management

Track your product activities, such as inventory status, price changes, prevent ordering duplicate products, product level, product quantities, reorder products, including many more great features.

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Inventory Management

Our ERP software lets you manage your inventory most simplest way possible. Coordinate your product inventory, access real time information about your products finance information, stock level, track demands, product performance, etc.

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Sales management

With the power of our ERP software, wipe out your company’s every single negative barrier. Exalted Technologies ERP helps you to automate from your sales, billing, customer data such as, processing invoices, & payments smoothly.

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Employee Database

Manage your company’s employees, we made it easier than ever before. We offer features like employee database, leave application, vacation tracking, employee attendance, benefit tracking, employee performance, employee equipments, stationary, & many more. Our ERP software will help your HR department as well.

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Payroll Management

Manage your payroll with Exalted Technologies ERP software, either for yourself or for your company employees. We offer services such as salary management, track bonuses, overtimes, vacation payment, etc. It is much easier and more powerful than ever before.

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Expense Tracking

Tired of losing track of your business or your hard working money? Your are at the right place to solve these problems. Manage, approve, track and control your business expenses along with many great features, with our easy to use ERP software.

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Financial Reports

Gather all the financial activities of your enterprise with exalted cloud, make the data available to you whenever you need it most. Make smart decision for your enterprise, act on time, and increase sustainability of your enterprise. Exalted ERP financial report lets you access accurate information about your enterprise income and expenses at all times.

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Book Keeping

Book keeping with Exalted ERP is easier and most affordable than ever before. Store and calculate your business transaction real-time daily basis, you may also modify them and access them from any device, anytime on exalted cloud.

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Project Management

Say goodbye to your project delays. Exalted cloud lets you assign project roles, and access the most recent data and updates on your project accurately anytime and anywhere you want. Deploy all of your project on time and increase your enterprise revenue with Exalted ERP.

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Performance Tracking

Exalted ERP provides you the best employee performance tracking tool for your enterprise. From setting goal for your employees to rewards for their them for the good work. Exalted ERP all your information are always available for you to take advantage of, and operate your enterprise smoothly!

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Project Planning

A great business idea always brings the most profit for your enterprise but you need planning and organization. Exalted ERP provides you with great project planning tools, that lets you plan, develop, mange and execute the project properly and on time.n Everything is stored on our cloud so all of your most updated datas are available to you, to your marketing team, sales personals and to the developer, it's accessible 24/7 365 from any device and anywhere in the world.

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Why our services better than our competetior?

Our main goal is to provide easy to use & cheap to implement cloud based software for all types of businesses

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